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Trail Reports by Trail Groomers

Eckerman Trail Report 
Chippewa Snowchasers

Updated: 4/2/2014

Base: 0 inches

Snowfall Past 24 hours: 0 inches

Last Grooming: After December 1,2014

Current Trail Conditions: Closed


Groomers Report:

Its over!!!! 

The Chippewa Snow Chasers want to thank everyone who read this report this winter and we wish everyone a great "off season".  Now it is time for the commercial.  Please join a snowmobile club where you ride.  It only costs $20 or $25. to join most clubs and members are the life blood of any organization.  Next volunteer at least one weekend a year to help with brushing,  or other tasks where the  the club may need assistance.  Your trail permit money only covers a part of the cost of keeping the trails open.  Thousands if volunteer hours are needed to do the other tasks and to keep things running smoothly. 

Join the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA)  They are your voice in Lansing and in Washington about everything to do with snowmobiling.  Politicians listen when they see numbers and without you as a member, the MSA is not as strong.  With the exception of the Executive Director and secretaries the MSA is an all volunteer organization that represents snowmobilers interests. 

Keep track of our website for announcements and activities sponsored by the Chippewa Snowchasers.  We will soon have a new more contemporary look for the site and it will work better with smart phones and other portable devices.  Again thanks for your support!

Please keep checking back for current daily up-dates

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